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      His keen intellect had not quite come back to him, he was still suffering from the effects of the drug. He had been robbed just at the moment when everything seemed to be going in his favour. His vanity was touched.The general principles of hammer-action, so far as already explained, apply as well to hammers operated by direct steam; and a learner, in forming a conception of steam-hammers, must not fall into the common error of regarding them as machines distinct from other hammers, or as operating upon new principles. A steam-hammer is nothing more than the common hammer driven by a new medium, a hammer receiving power through the agency of steam instead of belts, shafts, and cranks. The steam-hammer in its most improved form is so perfectly adapted to fill the different conditions required in power-hammering, that there seems nothing left to be desired.

      "2. Should the police regulations be infringed anywhere by some individuals, the authorities will find the guilty parties and punish them, without attributing the guilt to the entire population.But her stare of amazement was quite unaffected. She it was who had locked the front door with the full determination of only opening at her will. But she had not expected to see a figure like this.

      The old palace of the kings is now yellow-ochre, coated with plaster and lime-wash over the splendid antique marble walls.

      "Where did the Germans cross Netherland territory?"As soon as I had entered the guard-house a soldier, rifle in hand, mounted guard. The cus99tom-house officer handed my French passport to a lieutenant, who scrutinised it closely. Then followed the examination:

      fatherly letter--but frank! He said he saw from the address that I

      I thought Daddy had had you come there to meet me or a surprise.

      There is, however, a principle in hydraulic machinery that must be taken into account, in comparing it with positively geared mechanism, which often leads to loss of power that in many cases will overbalance any gain derived from the peculiar action of hydraulic apparatus. I allude to the loss of power incident to dealing with an inelastic medium, where the amount of force expended is constant, regardless of the resistance offered. A hydraulic crane, for instance, consumes power in proportion to its movements, and not as the amount of duty performed; it takes the same quantity of water to fill the cylinders of such cranes, whether the water exert much or little force in moving the pistons. The difference between employing elastic mediums like air and steam, and an inelastic medium like water, for transmitting force in performing irregular duty, has been already alluded to, and forms a very interesting study for a student in mechanics, leading, as it does, to the solution of many problems concerning the use and effect of power.


      attitude towards organized authority. We no longer pay a seemlyAn apprentice may learn that power is not increased or diminished by being transmitted through a train of wheels which change both speed and force, and he may believe the proposition without having a "conviction" of its truth. He must first learn to regard power as a constant and indestructible elementsomething that may be weighed, measured, and transmitted, but not created or destroyed by mechanism; then the nature of the mechanism may be understood, but not before.


      "Not a cry," he whispered, hoarsely. "I don't know the house and you do. I am going to hold on to you, and you are going to guide me to a back room where we can turn on the electric light in safety. And recollect that I have two hands, and that there is a long knife in the other one."The time had come. Leona Lalage knew it as well as if she had seen the writing on the wall. This man had come for her; she would have no time to make her peace with the world. When he had his say he would drive his knife into her heart, and there would be an end of it.


      "But, madame, you do not mean to send that child to Maastricht by itself?"