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      "There are spots the steel's never covered," he said. "You can tunnel through if you're lucky." A pause. "I"

      "Well, I don't think much of a teacher that can't explain what he's teaching," mumbled Monty, as he reluctantly obeyed.

      "I'll give you an example," she said after a little time. "The Psych division has parties, parties which are rather well-known among other divisions. The parties involve drinking and promiscuous sex, they get rather wild, but there is no great harm done by these activities. Indeed, they provide a useful, perhaps a necessary release." She paused. "Therefore I have forbidden them."

      Only once she dared look up, and that was when they were walking solemnly from the communion table to the vestrythen she suddenly looked up and saw Reuben's great strong shoulder towering above her own, his face rather flushed under its sunburn, and his hair unusually sleek and shining with some oil."None o' your business how I got 'em. They're mine, I tell you. Give 'em to me."

      "Well, lad," said his father, "so you're back at last."

      The trouble was, you couldn't depend on the woman to do anything. She meant exactly what she had said: "For the present." And who could tell what might happen later?



      RE: Your memo May 15